IPBX S Series ,Moduel & Add On Software

IPBX S Series ,Moduel & Add On Software


O2 Module

Yeastar YST-O2Yeastar YST-O2 is a module for inserting into a compatible Yeastar IP-PBX, giving two of the PBX's RJ11 ports FXO connectivity. FXO ports are used for connecting a VoIP phone system to P..


SO Module

Yeastar YST-SOYeastar YST-SO module features one FXS port and one FXO port. Install the module on a compatible Yeastar S-Series or MyPBX phone system. The modular design of the phone systems allow you..


Yeastar D30

Yeastar D30The Yeastar D30 DSP (digital signal processor) module can be inserted into a Yeastar S100 or S300 IP-PBX, letting the VoIP PBX support an additional 100 users and 30 concurrent calls. Expan..

Rp.4.455.000 Rp.4.200.000

yeastar EX08

Yeastar EX08Yeastar EX08 is an expansion board with eight external RJ-11 ports and four internal card slots for adding compatible Yeastar modules. The EX08 fits into a Yeastar S100 or S300 IP-PBX to g..

Rp.1.221.000 Rp.1.099.000

Yeastar EX30

Yeastar EX30The Yeastar EX30 expansion board adds one T1/E1/PRI port to a Yeastar S100 or S300 IP-PBX. When you need to connect your VoIP phone system to a digital phone system, the EX30 makes it simp..

Rp.10.945.000 Rp.9.851.000

Yeastar S100 VoIP PBX

Yeastar S100Yeastar S100 is a powerful IP-PBX that can control VoIP telephony for 100 users and 30 concurrent calls. Using a modular design, the S100 lets you choose what ports you get, so the PBX wil..

Rp.14.586.000 Rp.13.128.000

Yeastar S2 Module

Yeastar YST-S2Install the Yeastar YST-S2 module on compatible Yeastar MyPBX or S-Series modular phone systems. The module brings two FXS ports to the IP PBX. MyPBX is a line of modular phone systems t..


Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX

Yeastar S20Yeastar S20 is a modular VoIP PBX for small-to-midsize businesses that lets you choose what kinds of port work for your deployment. The S20 has two on-board module slots and can support the..

Rp.4.950.000 Rp.4.455.000

Yeastar S300 VoIP PBX

Yeastar S300Yeastar S300 gives midsize enterprises a customizable IP-PBX for controlling telephony for 300 users and 60 simultaneous calls, all from a single rack-mounted device. The Yeastar S-Series ..

Rp.33.055.000 Rp.29.750.000

Yeastar S412 VoIP PBX

Yeastar S412Yeastar S412 is a modular IP-PBX for small businesses with auto-provisioning capabilities for major VoIP brands, including Polycom, Cisco, Grandstream, Snom, and Yealink. S412 supports up ..

Rp.3.883.000 Rp.3.495.000

Yeastar S50 VoIP PBX

Yeastar S50Yeastar S50 gives SMBs the opportunity to get enterprise-grade VoIP communications with a modular IP-PBX that supports 50 users and 25 concurrent calls. The S50 has four on-board module slo..

Rp.10.714.000 Rp.9.643.000